Strong Environmental Commitment

PENROD's environmental responsibility and broader community and industry involvement are important for many reasons. It's clear that good community care, world stewardship, and industry invovlement are important by themselves, but PENROD's efforts in these areas also support its own growth into the future. These efforts are centered on a few main areas of effort:

PENROD dedicates itself to responsible forestry and procurement

That means first, we source timber in an environmentally and socially responisble manner and our goal is to procure from sustainably managed forests. This not only applies to Penrod but also to its entire(own or third party) supply chain.

Second, it is our goal to ensure legal compliance with relevant forestry, social and environemental legislation. We also comply with relevant international treaties, business, and trade regulations.

Our policy is to:

Always Work to further develop internal controls that strengthen good forestry practice:

  • Treat our supppliers fairly and equall at all times
  • Maintain an active commitment to legal standards and to social and ethical practices
  • continually imporve our knowledge of socially and environmentally responisble supply chain management practices

PENROD commits itself not to be involved in the following unacceptable activites:

  • Illegal logging or trade in illegal wood and wood products
  • Violation of traditional rights in forestry operations
  • Destruction of High Conservation Values in forestry operations
  • Significant converstion of frest to plantations or non-forest use
  • PENROD implements this policy:

  • Steadily by a process of continual improvement, adapted to the situation of our companies and that of our suppliers
  • Openly by transparent systems that ensure traceability and performance
  • Consistently by using internationally recognized standards for good forest managment. (SGS-SCS-FCS and soon HPVA)
  • Exactly by assessing the countries of origin and if necessary each single supplier
  • This process is continually certified by qualified auditors. (SGS-SCS-FSC and HPVA/ANSILTDD)
  • Each supplier must adhere to our PENROD commitment